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      Address:No.7-76, Section 2, Beijing Street, Guta District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China

      Landline:0416-3921188 2636655

      Fax:0416-2629797 3921155

      Sales Tel:13841607879

      Technical consulting:13364165678


      DXDK950 Automatic full servo filling packing machine

      DXDK950 Automatic full servo filling packing machine



      DXDK950 Automatic full servo filling packing machine


      DXDK950 Automatic full servo filling packing machine is our company new research and development of full servo motor driven packing machine. This machine is the leading domestic product, technology equal to the standards of large international companies, quality reliable and price reasonable.

      The packing machine all power is provide by servo motors. Cancel the relatively unstable of original models running and the more complex adjust of conventional transmission structure. This greatly reduces the mechanical transmission errors, reduces the mechanical noise, easier to operate, adjust more quickly. Because it is full servos drive make the machine convenient to use and adjust, film correcting accuracy, high yield, saving packaging material and also reduce costs for users, it is a convenient and practical popular models.


        Address: two 7-76, Beijing Road, Guta District, Jinzhou City
        Tel:0416-3921188 2636655 Fax:0416-2629797 3921155
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