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      Address:No.7-76, Section 2, Beijing Street, Guta District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China

      Landline:0416-3921188 2636655

      Fax:0416-2629797 3921155

      Sales Tel:13841607879

      Technical consulting:13364165678


      DXDF320 Stick Packing Machine for Powder

      DXDF320 Stick Packing Machine for Powder


      DXDF320 Stick Packing Machine for Powder

      The machine comprised by servo driven, packing screw, mixing screw, hopper, storage. Using screw to feed and make a quantitative measurement. 

      The overall material on silo formed convection and moving driven powder material go down. According to the length and speed of whirling time control the size of material volume. So it is easy to operate. Only to adjust the parameter to control the amount of loaded at the interface.

      DXDF320 stick packing machine for powder takes the international advanced screw propelling type of feeding. Mainly to the filling of powder, it is running fast, highly precision measurement and easy to adjust.


        Address: two 7-76, Beijing Road, Guta District, Jinzhou City
        Tel:0416-3921188 2636655 Fax:0416-2629797 3921155
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